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  1. Ian Coats

    I know that I’m getting a bit long in the tooth ( I still have most of them… ) but can we change the dates to Euro date and not the US date?

    When is the 03/15/2013 as above, for instance?

    Help! let’s get British again!

  2. Ros Murray

    Meets list now added and also in the calendar. Meetstaff is also available on the blog

    1. Rob McGinnes

      Well done who ever is behind this, it is so much better! I never seem to get Meetstaff so this is a big help. Thank you.

      1. admin

        Hi Rob – Meetstaff is available as electronic copy from this site – click on the Meetstaff tab on the top menu. You need to be logged in to access it (but you must have got that bit sorted to have posted this comment).

    2. Sue Whittle

      Are all events in Ros – I have a number of enquiries to use the hut but I have waited to check all meets. Sue

    3. Sue Whittle

      Surely there are meets in September?

  3. John Russell

    Logged in to checked Meet programme having mislaid Meetstaff and not having rec’d a Handbook. Found no help. Do we have a problem?

    1. President

      It’s on now John, and check out the new ‘Event calendar’. It is also all on there & is a brilliant addition to the site.

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