Beudy bookings update

In August, Geoff Gosling’s Club meet is on the weekend of 12/13th, Chris Dodd has booked 3 spaces for 15/16th and Elizabeth Wilson has booked 2/3 places for 19/20th. At present, no bookings in September. In October, Geoff Pettengell has booked 12 places for the weekend of 14/15th and Tom Fletcher will be at the hut on 20th/21st. In November, the hut will be available for the Dinner weekend of 10/11/12th on a first come, first served basis (I have 3 spaces booked at present). There is a joint meet with the MUMC the following weekend, 18/19th and then there is Audrey Russell’s Club meet on the weekend after that, 25/26th. There are no bookings in December at present.

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