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Gogarth Update – only a week to go :-) – Rucksack Club
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Gogarth Update – only a week to go :-)

Just reading Johnny Dawes’ Autobiography and came across this quote to inspire all you Gogarth Devotees:


“In ‘The Pad’ say ten times a year, you’d see a certain expression – The Look – a manic but very human picture on a person’s face: Gogarth. There are too many Little Chefs and bolts in this country, it is more important than ever to rail against society’s burden of comfort. However futile, British climbing must survive.”


If that isn’t enough to get your juices flowing (…and continuing on the subject of too many Little Chefs) here’s an announcement from our hosts – the RSSB South Stack Cafe:

We actually have an event on that weekend and our Cafe are providing some locally sourced food which we will be busy prepping for in the mornings so we have already agreed previously to take the full cooked breakfast off the menu for that weekend as we will be busy with our event.  Our opening hours are 10am-5pm year round. As a gesture of goodwill, our Catering Manager has agreed he could provide bacon sandwiches for your group but unfortunately due to the numbers of people in your group, the fact that the dates are at the end of the half term holidays which are extremely busy and our limited capacity means we will not be able to provide a full breakfast for your group.  I do apologise for any inconvenience caused but I am sure you appreciate that this time of year is very busy for us, had this been a date in the autumn or winter we would have been much more able to do this for you.


Forecast looking good for next weekend so pack your sun cream and see you there.


Cheers Dom

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