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Mar 30

Journal and new handbook

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Sep 16

Direct debit forms – please return them

Thank you all for the great response in returning the direct debit forms – just need the last few stragglers to complete theirs.   Just a reminder, you have the form in the April Meetstaff, or it can be downloaded from the “Members Stuff” area of this site, or contact me or Geoff edge and …

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Sep 16

Rucksack Club Dinner weekend Friday 8th & Saturday 9th November 2013

Following the great success of the previous two dinners held at the Shap Wells Hotel there appears to be nowhere better to go (at such a competitive price) so I’m pleased to confirm that this year’s Annual Dinner will again be held at the Shap Wells. I’m delighted that Charlie Ramsay originator and instigator of …

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Jun 13

Another Gogarth scorcher (who’d have believed it?)

It’s 10pm on Thursday evening before the Gogarth meet and it’s DECISION TIME. About 40 brave souls have said they’re coming along despite the most atrocious week of weather and only the vaguest glimmer of a window over the weekend. The Met Office don’t hold out much hope, the Beeb are no more optimistic and …

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Jun 03

Gogarth Update – only a week to go :-)

Just reading Johnny Dawes’ Autobiography and came across this quote to inspire all you Gogarth Devotees:   “In ‘The Pad’ say ten times a year, you’d see a certain expression – The Look – a manic but very human picture on a person’s face: Gogarth. There are too many Little Chefs and bolts in this …

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May 25

Cracking the Flags at Cratcliffe (Finally!)

What a difference a week makes – from frozen fingers on Stanage the week before to sweaty mits at Cratcliffe; the temperature jumped nearly 20C in the week! A strong Sheffield contingent (it is on their side of the hill) made impressive ascents of the mega classics of Fern Hill, Boot Hill, Five Finger Exercise …

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May 20

Special deal on BMC Guidebooks for Rucksack Club members including new Moorland Grit

The new Moorland Grit guide is out! Hurrah! See   Numerous Rucksack Club members have been involved in researching, writing and posing for pictures, and in recognition of this we’ve been offered a great deal on this and other BMC guidebooks:   The moorland grit guidebook will sell in the shops at £25, members …

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May 17

Stanage sunset climbing

After the monsoon conditions of April and early May it was marvellous to get some evening climbing under the belt. Chilly conditions made for perfect friction (that’s what you’re supposed to say isn’t it – actually they make for cold fingers!) but didn’t deter a good turnout making the most of a glorious evening. Here’s Steve enjoying …

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Apr 22

Tuesday 24 April – Evening meet to celebrate 80th Anniversary of Kinder Trespass

In 1932, five men were jailed for their part in the mass trespass of Kinder Scout, when about 500 men and women took to the hills in defiance of the law, which then decreed those hills and open moorland the sole province of the landed gentry. The freedoms we enjoy today, to wander and climb …

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Feb 23

29 February Climbing Wall Venue – Change to MCC

Hi Folks Apologies but I’m going to have to move the venue for next week’s wall meet (29 February) to MCC. I’d planned to host the evening at our very own “Broadbottom Wall” but am now playing “Dad’s Cabs” for Tasha’s University interviews instead 🙁 Just to add to the confusion, the following week (7 …

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